Some books by Terry Young

Making sense of Romans: When You Read it for Yourself

It has been about 500 years since Christians used a new technology – the printing press – to bring God’s Word to everyone, and they changed the world. These days, we do less private Bible study than our predecessors although we have more and better resources. What if we studied the Bible the way we diagnosed our coughs, pursued our hobbies, or learned to cook lasagne? Making Sense of Romans encourages us to use the internet more in Bible study and offers a simple framework – the faith story, the hope story and the love story – for anyone to find their way into Romans. Over 13 chapters it can be used to teach Romans from the pulpit in a quarter, or as a home group series. The style is easy-reading verging on chatty, to approach the messages of Romans in fresh ways, with questions at the end of each chapter which can be used for individual or group study.

Going Global: A look at Daniel and his ministry

Daniel was an exile and a prophet, serving a foreign King whilst committed to God. His is a story of drama and revelation, but also of steadfast faith and practicality. Terry Young tries to look at Daniel as a person and veiw his life as a whole. His actions have much to teach Christians living in secular roles in terms of faith, prayer and day to day living. Each chapter has questions for group and individual study.


Who was Jacob? He was overshadowed by his grandfather, Abraham, and eclipsed by his son Joseph. And yet Jacob’s story stretches over half the book of Genesis, enabling us to understand him as a real person. From Jacob’s perspective we can look at the struggle for success, the pressure of work, the stress of the family, risk, and uncertainty. This may seem a far cry from the blessing he was promised, but this book encourages us to follow Jacob through the wreckage of his relationships until he has to stop running. And when he stops running, he starts to find time for worship. Jake: Just Learn to Worship takes a fresh look at this biblical character and opens up his dilemmas and difficulties for Christian living today. Questions for personal study or group discussion are found at the end of each chapter.

After the Fishermen: How did Jesus Train His Disciples?

Much is made, in the modern world of management and training techniques, but how did Jesus do it? From the perspective of Christian discipleship and secular management, Terry Young examines how Jesus taught those close to him. Each chapter contains questions for discussion.